A Bunch of Dragnet (1955)

Dragnet was created and produced by Jack Webb, who starred as stoic Sergeant Joe Friday. Webb was a stickler for accurate details, and Dragnet used authentic touches, such as the LAPD’s actual radio call sign (KMA367), and the names of actual department officials. For the next thirty minutes, in cooperation with the Los Angeles Police Department, you will travel step-by-step on the side of the law through an actual case transcribed from official police files. From beginning to end—from crime to punishment—Dragnet is the story of your police force in action.”

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  1. I’ve watched just about everything (that appeals to my tastes) at least once but usually several times each. I was wondering—do you remember those old late night B movies that aired after Carson during the early to mid 1970’s? Some of them even aired on Wednesday or Friday nights around 9 PM. Many of them were “whodunnits”, but some were Gothic ghost stories/mysteries. When I was a young single parent, my friends and I often watched those movies after the kids were asleep. I keep looking for that genre on many golden oldies stations (i.e. Retrovision), but have not had any luck so far. I’m pretty sure I remember one title. I believe it was a scary “whodunnit” (ghost?) story titled Rachel Rachel. I’m also sure it had aired on July 4th, 1971 at around 9 PM. I’ve googled the title, but so far nothing looks familiar. You’re awfully good at finding the oldies. Any suggestions? Thank you, Kevin. I refer to you as “Retro-Man when I tell people about Retro-Net TV.

    1. The movie is “Sweet, Sweet Rachel”. It’s one of those made for TV things.

      Some of the ABC “movie of the week” shows were McMillan and Wife, Columbo, Kolchak, the Night Stalker and Banacek.

      1. I remember those shows. My parents were into them more than I, but I still liked them. Today I find them a bit hard to sit through after watching the great scientific/medical and technological progress we see in all the NCIS and CSI shows. I liked stories about haunted houses and haunted spirits/ghosts, but NOT about demons and devils. I HATED movies like Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen, and The Exorcist. I also hated Texas Chainsaw and Halloween and all the senseless slasher movies, but I appreciated the Walking Tall and Death Wish series. I loved the Danny Kaye ghost movies. Like when he lived in haunted castles. I also have fond albeit very sad memories of movies like Greyfriars Bobby. Remember him? The modern movie most reminiscent of Greyfriar’s Bobby is Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. Thank you for being a great Retroman! :)

        1. I understand what you mean about the “scientific” breakthroughs with crime-solving. But these shows are fantastic. Just put yourself in the frame of mind back when we didn’t have this technology and watch as they solved them using their cunning, wits and superior intelligence only. I find this to be more exciting then the (as Lee Marvin playing Lt. Frank Ballinger on “M-Squad” once said) “Science Fiction Boys at the crime lab”. I’m not being critical of you because we all like what we like. I just thought I’d share my way of looking at things. Thank you.

      2. Thank you. :) Thank you. :) Thank you. :) I just watched Sweet, Sweet Rachel. Not as spooky as I remembered, but not bad either. Now if I could just remember the name of… 😀

  2. BTW, I turned 52 Wednesday, so I’m not sure about how I feel about being called Retro-Man 😉 My super powers include getting deaf, blind and I don’t remember what that third thing is.

    1. Belatedly, I hope you managed to have a wonderful day on Tuesday. Many blessings and successes during this, your 53rd year. Still love you to pieces! (^^^)

  3. Awww you’re still just a kid, Kevin. I could have been your babysitter! That’s if you lived in AZ. Or New England. Those are the two US regions where I spent my youth. BTW Retroman is still awesome! :)

  4. Getting older and not much bolder……..

    One thing I noticed about Dragnet. We think of Joe Friday as being so hard boiled, but look at these prison sentences at the end. Compare to 2014 sentences by tripling it.

  5. I’ve tried to download “A Bunch of Dragnet” but only manage to download the first episode. I then tried to download individual episodes, but cannot find the download option. Keeeeviiiiiiin??????

  6. Look at the bottom of the post. Right click, save as. See the links… This doesn’t quite work right with playlists … it doesn’t work with Android…. yet….

    Downloads… where available. There are more individual shows tagged Dragnet…. Those should go with no problem.

  7. I remember these shows, great stories…forgot how annoying the theme music was, though…awful brash and irritating!

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