Aces and Eights (1936)

Tim McCoy plays Gentleman Jim Madigan, a professional gambler that comes to the aid of a Mexican family. Tim McCoy was interesting in real life. He was a famous Hollywood star, but he also was really fast at quick draw and was an expert on Old West and Indian folklore.

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    • I don’t know. It should work. I’m not overtaxing the hosting. It works fine here in Oregon. I know it works in Australia, the library near here, the pub near here, the etc….

      I am likely geographically further away from the servers than you are.

  3. Been ages since I watched a film here but, still working fine…
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    • I think it’s an issue with Mediacom, not me. Medicom, your ISP, is rated the worst in the country by Consumer Reports in their June 2012 issue. There is nothing to account for your issue here so I can’t fix it. Maybe they could?

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