Airwolf (1984-87)

Airwolf ran from 1984 through 1987. The program concerned a supersonic military helicopter, code named Airwolf, and her crew as they undertook various missions, many involving espionage, with a Cold War theme. It’s got Jan Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine along with some cute, generally wholesome, 1980 babes.

The musical score (don’t listen, it will get in your head) was composed and performed by Sylvester Levay.

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  1. Great post. Thanks for letting us know. :)

    Fantastic time for Airwolf fans with lots happening on the scene!

    Not only has the digitally re-mastered, official AIRWOLF THEMES soundtrack been recently released for Digital downloads onto Apple iTunes Store and (see the official website at, Airwolf being one of the top shows streaming on-line at, and a new Airwolf Magazine coming out, but now most importantly we all have a chance to buy our very own “Lady” to play that wonderfully iconic music in!

    The Wolf Has Come Back From The Womb With A Boom.

  2. Stringfellow Hawke number 1 February 5, 2009 @ 5:27 am

    Stringfellow Hawke is so hot. I have seasons 1-3. I have watched all of them. I know so much about String, Dom, and even Catlyin. Like I know that Hawke Wears nice outfits when ever he is not flying AIRWOLF. I know how String puts on his totally cool and hot sunglasses. He starts out putting them on normally then moves to behind his ears and puts them on that way. I know that in season three. he reveals that he was going to have a child with some girl that him and Dominic Santini had to save by using AIRWOLF. And when talked to Hawke in the big rig she was yelling to her self or God. ” Please not this one. please not this one. please please please.” ANd then HAwke looks at her stomach and figures out that she is going to have a another baby. THen near the end Hawke tells her that she is going to have this baby no matter. And that if it is a boy she will name Stringfellow Hawke. Right after the first Stringfellow Hawke who is played Jan-Michael Vincet who lives in Ms. Oh and Hawke works for Dom at Santini Air. Here in California. And Hawke in season four dies of radiation poising, and Dom is blown up, and Catlyin leaves. So Sigion takes of AIRWOLF. Then the show goes off air. I know my history of AIRWOLF. No matter what people say. I LOVE YOU STRINGFELLOW HAWKE. ALWAYS. :)

  3. I absolutely love this show, I hope the series keeps on going despite what most people say. I think any series can pull through if they focus on plot and character development.

  4. great post – I bookmarked your feed – looking forward to more like this..

  5. that’s interesting stuff – great post…

  6. I love to watch oldie

  7. the 1980s lov the shows.beautiful

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