Andy Griffith Show (1960-68)

Nielsen Ratings says The Andy Griffith Show was the 9th greatest show in history. It’s the adventures of Taylor, sheriff of the fictional town of Mayberry. The date is 1961, but some people have said it represents a time more like 1931. Don Knotts plays his deputy. A very young Ron Howard plays his son.

From 1968-72, major corporate broadcasters started what is known as the rural purge. Rural themed television and westerns were cancelled, even though some of the shows were still really popular, to be replaced with urban themed programming. That’s why The Andy Griffith Show was cancelled in it’s most popular season being #1 in the Nielsen ratings. It was obviously a commie plot.

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  1. I never knew that had happened and always wondered why they could cancel shows that truly taught real life situations. I was born in 1957 an to this day i believe the shows truly made a difference in some folks lives.
    Like mine, my children and their children.

    steve …

    • The networks thought urban programming was more relevant. From Andy Griffith to Rosanne Barr’s ear 😉

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