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Beastmaster, The (1982)

I remember watching this one in the drive-in when it came out. It was trying to be like The Neverending Story or Mad Max or some weird combination of both. Instead it portray this weird guy named Dar or Dork who has a ferret fetish. It was completely stupid back then, and it remains a […]

A Bunch of Dragnet (1955)

Dragnet was created and produced by Jack Webb, who starred as stoic Sergeant Joe Friday. Webb was a stickler for accurate details, and Dragnet used authentic touches, such as the LAPD’s actual radio call sign (KMA367), and the names of actual department officials. For the next thirty minutes, in cooperation with the Los Angeles Police […]

Robin Hood (1955-59)

Here’s a couple dozen Robin Hood episodes for you to enjoy. Robin Hood is set in the 12th Century, during the reign of King Richard I. Robin of Locksley, a nobleman, is forced into the life of an outlaw, dwelling in Sherwood Forest with a band of men who right the wrongs committed by the […]