Beat the Clock (1958)

I remember watching this when I was a kid. I think this would hold up as a modern game show. You can see the show had some pleasant charisma that kept it going from 1960-1974 in one form or another. After all these years, I still found this show to be entertaining. So here’s Bud Col1yer as Americas favorite 1958 game show host on Beat the Clock.

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  1. What a fun show. I remember the whole family in front of the television enjoying the fun. I still have the home game in my closet. For the uninitiated, Bud Collyer was the voice of Superman in the earlier cartoons and went on to host TO TELL THE TRUTH. If I’m not mistaken, Bob Barker was also a host of BEAT THE CLOCK before moving on to THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

  2. A question about Beat the Clock. My family appeared on this show with Bud Collyer in 1958. Is there any way that I can see or buy a copy. I think we were on for a day or two. It would be so amazing to see this and share with my grandchildren and my children. Willing and happy to pay if it is available. My parents were Francis and Catharine Conroy.

    • My Husband and I were also on for a week. I tried to get a copy of the show but never had any luck.

    • Contact fremantle media in the archive department. They are currently looking for my grandparents episode. Its $128 if they find it though.

  3. We were on for a week in 1958
    Faith and Stewart Austin, I remember the sponsor was instant mashed potatoes. Some of the prizes we won were 24 ship & shore blouses,Mountain bikes,luggage,camera,movie camera & projector. etc.

  4. Looking for an episode of “Beat The Clock” between 1958-1961 of my husband’s mother (Charlotte Watson)and her sister (Gloria Flack) from Michigan. They passed tea cups with jumpsuits on! Willing to purchase this episode! Thank you in advance.

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