Best of Abbott and Costello Live, The (1988)

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A collection of sketches from Bud Abbott and Lou Costello’s routines. These guys were the top comedians in the country until they were dethroned by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

2 thoughts on “Best of Abbott and Costello Live, The (1988)”

  1. I can’t watch any of your shows now, because ads cover half of the screen and when you try to x them out it goes to the ad site. Why is this happening???

    1. I don’t know. The web is designed to be used in full screen mode, so the ads will overlay the content if the screen is squished enough. It could be that you are using an old style sheet your browser stored from a previous visit, so clear your cookies and temp files. F11 goes to full screen. F5 reloads the page.

      If none of this works, please send me a full screen screenshot, tell me what your screen resolution is and what your computer is. I’ll try to work it out…

      As always, it works better with Chrome. If you have an old browser, like IE8…7..6., like Firefox < 19.. that might explain it.

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