11 thoughts on “Best of the Ed Sullivan Show (197?)”

      1. Keith Richards Dead

        Keith Richards in 2006. Hmmm.. Looks dead.. It is odd that he can still play a guitar. I figure he must have died somewhere around 1977….

        Keith Richards 1965

        This is Keith alive in 1965.

        Keith Richards

        This is 1972. You can see he’s pretty much already dead. He’s an amazing ex-guy. In 1977 he got busted with a bunch of smack, weed, coke and pills in Canada. They could have given him life in prison, but he was dead so they let him go. Clever ex-guy.

        He even wrote a book after being dead:

        Called Life.

        Image Creative Commons License

  1. I can’t explain it but it made me cry it made me laugh.Ed Sullivan was a nice guy’I remembered him and will until I die’Ed Sullivan I love you I still remember you.I was very young but those were the days.

    1. I don’t think Leno even gets that sort of reaction from people. I think he’s the closest in current times. It’s not Letterman or O’Brien that are gonna still be entertaining decades after they’ve passed on. I’m a little too young for a lot of Ed Sullivan. I remember a lot more Johnny Carson.

  2. I agree with the first post, cool memories. I grew up in this time period and hardly ever watched Ed Sullivan. As a kid it bored me so I watch other stuff. Too bad. I wish had. But watching this video brings back a lot of memories. I thought the Beatles, Elvis and Ella Fitzgerald were very good. Jim Morrison was pretty good too.

  3. I loved the “Ed Sullivan Show.” It had everything, comedy, singing, jugglers, trained animal acts and when the fat lady came out to sing opera mom would go make us popcorn!

    I don’t suppose there is any way to show the original “Tonight Show” with Jack Parr is there? He had some really great moments on his show. I especially liked listening to him and Oscar Levant talk about anything. Anyhow. . . Jack Parr available?

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