Big Combo, The (1955)

This violent, dark film tells of tormented Police Lt. Leonard Diamond (Cornel Wilde), who is on a personal crusade to bring down sadistic gangster Mr. Brown (Richard Conte). He’s also dangerously obsessed with Brown’s girlfriend (Jean Wallace), his captive lover.

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  1. this is better than netfilks, you show real movies, movies with feelings, movie with real dept and meaning, films that i can watch with my grandkids without shame ,thank you

  2. Great movie and an example of something that after a lifetime of movies I discovered that the characters are so much more than screen players but their real lives and entanglements are so interesting. Here in real life Jean Wallace was the ex-wife of Franchot Tone, was married to Cornel Wilde, fought for custody of her two sons from Tone who was involved notoriously with scandalous Barbara Payton. After Wallace and Wilde were divorced her life took a nosedive as did Barbara Paytons’ but Wallace recovered, Payton did not and her story is epic. And so it goes on – another reason why I am addicted to old moves.

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