Blakes 7 – Season 2 (1979)

OK. I’m hooked. I never watched this “in the day” but it’s sort of fun now. The series is set in a future age of interstellar travel and follows the exploits of a group of renegades and convicted criminals. It’s really kind of dark and dire by 1970’s standards. It was panned at the time but has gained a cult following. The production values are amazing considering they made these episodes for $20 an episode. The wardrobe came from mugging people randomly in the street.

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  1. I saw these first as a Teen, about the time the first Star Wars movie came out – Loved all the episodes! So Corny and Camp!

    • I never watched it in the day, but I think it’s kind of dark for 1979-81. It’s not like the contemporary Doctor Who of it’s era. Everybody is kind of rotten, Blake included. In America, you’d call this show a mix of sawdust, glue, ham and wood. I don’t know what the UK equivalent would be. Our PBS station never got anything good in those days, so I didn’t see more than a couple episodes.

      • I saw this as a kid and thought it was brilliant. Production budgets are way higher now and no network would host this if it were made now. I love the background silence – I think that it was based on a radio play. You are right about Dr. Who – Terry Nation invented the Daleks and wrote quite a few Dr Who episodes

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