Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941)

During an archaeological expedition to Siam, the power of the Golden Scorpion allows young radio broadcaster Billy Batson to meet the ancient wizard Shazam who gives him magic underpants so that he can protect those who may be in danger from the Scorpion’s curse.

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  1. I was just watching this and thinking. Betty’s dress is truly ugly. It’s cut wrong and it doesn’t fit. I know the wardrobe department on this show must have been on a budget, but wow. We are all very fortunate they hadn’t invented polyester yet.

  2. Kevin…….Saw this serial new in 1941. I was seven years old and was thrilled. First time I had seen someone “fly”. As for the clothes, this was the style in 1941.

  3. Even by 1941 standards Betty’s dress is ugly. 🙂

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