Cast a Giant Shadow (1966)

This fact-based drama chronicles Israel’s heroic struggle for independence under the leadership of the country’s first general (Kirk Douglas). Angie Dickinson, Frank Sinatra, Yul Brynner and John Wayne co-star.

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  1. Another great classic from a day when a movie was a movie.

  2. Horrible piece of propaganda. It’s up there with John Wayne’s “Green Berets”.

  3. Whatever you say comrade 😉 ………. I’ve heard both sides of this argument. Some people have complained of this movie painting the kidnappers here with any sympathy. You complain that this is right wing propaganda.

    I think it strikes a balance.

  4. Right wing propaganda? It’s the true story of West Point educated Jewish American Mickey Marcus who became modern Israel’s first general. Without his expertise, there’s no guarantee that Israel would’ve survived the first Arab-Israeli war. Excellent movie about a man who might well have gone on to become a future prime minister of Israel were it not for a tragic mistake.

  5. Right wing propaganda? How paranoid can you get? It’s a true story, how can that be propaganda? Great movie!!

  6. Guys, yes, it IS the truth about the extroidinary life of Mickey Marcus, Israel’s first general without whose help Israel just might NOT have survived the first Arab- Israeli war.
    The problem here seems to be that we have one person who is determined to NOT believe in the truth. Well, you know the old adage …” You can lead a horse to water but, you can’t make it drink. “. You see guys, it’s all about brainwashing and politics … sadly, there are way too many people who are completely willing to let someone else do their thinking for them and it doesn’t matter IF the other person is NOT telling them the truth ! Kinda sad isn’t it !!——- JT — OHOMOS !

  7. Way too much sexual interaction and not enough data to cover many of the events of the war

  8. I think you’d have to know that going in. It’s a Kirk Douglas movie. It always has a woman.

  9. It is not so much Kirk Douglas, it was the 1960’s, sex sold then, just like now. It’s a good story, about a real hero, with a trajic mistake-riddled ening. Perfect for a Hollywood screen play. It is timeless and first rate piece of work. Your individal political prejudices can’t change the fact tht this is highly entertaining.

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