Cat Women of the Moon (1954)

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It’s the same old Amazon women meet the space men story. It’s camp and a half. I think the 1950’s and 60’s never got tired of this story. Star Trek even had a story along similar lines.

2 thoughts on “Cat Women of the Moon (1954)”

  1. no. just. no. What makes this movie sooo bad, is that the director, actors, etc. seriously believe they really are making a movie. The actors are just reciting their lines, with a little inflection here and there. Of course, what can you do with a script that is so banal? The props are … I think a high school play could have a better set. The space ship uses desk chairs on rolling wheels, a wooden desk, and rows of lockers about tall enough for elementary school use. The cat women, uh, they are pretty much in homemade Halloween costumes. I could just go on… there is just nothing good about this movie. It is not so bad, it’s good. It’s just awful. At least Ed Wood films are funny.

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