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In this category, you’ll find tv mostly of the public domain variety, generally served from Retrovision servers and available worldwide.

Danny Thomas Show – The Ballplayers (1953)

The Danny Thomas Show (known as Make Room for Daddy during the first four seasons) is a sitcom which ran from 1953 to 1957 on ABC and from 1957 to 1964 on CBS. A revival series known as Make Room for Granddaddy aired on ABC from 1970 to 1971.

Jack Benny Goes Christmas Shopping (1950)

This is the 1950 Jack Benny Christmas show where Jack Benny gives Rochester a dollar and a lecture on the evils of wine, women and song.

The Veil – The Crystal Ball (1953)

A jilted lover receives the gift of a crystal ball from the woman who married his boss. What is shows is unusual.

What’s My Line – Walter Pigeon (1956)

An episode of “What’s My Line”, a popular 1950s game show. Hosted by John Daly, panelists are Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf, and Robert Q. Lewis. Mystery guests are Del Webb and Daniel Topping, and Walter Pidgeon.

Tales of Tomorrow – The Fury of the Cocoon (1953)

Tales of Tomorrow is one of those weird 50’s scifi shows. This show and One Step Beyond were the first ones that catered to an adult audience. In this episode scientists venture into the jungle to find a meteor impact crater and eventually feed themselves to some weird bug creatures.

Lock Up: Compulsion Killer (1960)

A professor (William Schallert) tries to teach his soft-on-crime wife a lesson by disguising himself as a compulsive killer whose been terrorizing an entire college campus. When suspicion falls on for committing four prior murders, it’s up to Maris and Weston to find the truth.

Lock Up – Red Confetti (1959)

In this episode from the files of Herbert Maris, elderly women are being ran down by cars and a good samaritan stands accused of the crime.

Lucy Show, The – Lucy Gets Caught in the Draft (1962)

Lucille Ball becomes a marine with the shortest career in military history, she gets drafted.

Colgate Comedy Hour (1950)

Here’s an hour of the Comedy of Abbott and Costello from the Colgate Comedy Hour in 1950. It’s excepts of a few shows put together for an hour of comedy.

Rocky King Detective (1950)

Rocky King is one of the few Dumont television shows that sports surviving episodes. Most of the Dumont show recordings were either recovered for their silver or dumped into New York harbor.

Tales of Tomorrow – Sneak Attack (1951)

Tales of Tomorrow is an American anthology science fiction series that aired live on ABC from 1951 to 1953. The series covered such stories as Frankenstein , starring Lon Chaney, Jr., 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea starring Thomas Mitchell as Captain Nemo, and many others

Federal Men – the Case Of The Bad Bargain (1955)

A treasury man poses as an opium dealer in order to catch a ring of opium smugglers. Season 5, Episode 12.