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Nixon Resigns: August 9, 1974

Losing the battle for the Whitehouse. Richard Nixon resigns. In Time and Again, Jane Pauley chronicles the events around Richard Nixons resignation.

Antiques Road Show (2013)

In each hour-long episode of Antiques Roadshow, some of the country’s leading specialists offer free appraisals of antiques and collectibles. Roadshow’s cameras capture tales of family heirlooms and yard-sale bargains.

Nukes In Space – The Rainbow Bombs

Nukes in Space is a documentary about the early nuclear ballistic missile programs narrated by William Shatner. It talks about near space testing, which nobody has heard about until lately. This is a good documentary about the nuclear arms race and the cold war.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Your tax dollars at work. It’s DARPA’s robotic canine. Drones didn’t used to be armed either.

Beachhead to Berlin (1945)

Beachhead to Berlin is a 1945 film about the D-day landings shot by Coast Guard photographers. It centers on the activities of the Coast Guard on D-day and has some really good Technicolor footage of the invasion.

The Big Picture – George S. Patton (1963)

This episode of the WWII documentaries series The Big Picture tells about the life of General George Patton. It’s narrated by Ronald Reagan.

Operation Crossroads – Atom Bomb Tests – HD (1946)

These are the? Alpha and Baker atom bomb tests of Operation Crossroads in 1946. They were each 23 kilotons. There was a supposed to be a Charlie test, but the Navy couldn’t decontaminate the wrecked target ships enough to move them after test Baker. This nuclear test is brought to you by Lucky Strike and […]

MGM Groundbreakers

Here’s a playlist about movie history from MGM digital media. It has a profile of Roger Corman, a review of the Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers and some other interesting documentaries.

Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom (1960-)

I remember watching this one on Sundays when I was a kid. Marlin Perkins and Jim. Luckily Jim had Mutual of Omaha Insurance, because Jim was gonna go fool around with a lion. I watched this episode about the Bushmen of the Kalahari. You’ve got to give it to these guys. Chasing a pair of […]

Tunisian Victory (1944)

Tunisian Victory is an Anglo-American propaganda film about the victories in the North Africa Campaign.

Secrets of the Dead – Japanese Supersubmarine (2010)

Spring, 1946. Ten months after the end of World War II, an explosion rocks the Pacific off the coast of Hawaii. America has just destroyed one of Japan’s most advanced weapons systems – the I-401 aircraft carrier submarine. But this was no belated attack against the defeated Japanese. Bound by an agreement to share any […]

Red Nightmare (1962)

Jack Webb hosts this anti-Soviet, anti-communist movie about a man who finds himself living in a Communist America.