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How to watch Movies on your Roku

I’ve gotten a lot of mail since I quit providing a Roku channel. There were a couple problems. One is that the Roku channel cost too much to run. Another is I never found an effective way to get it to pay for itself. Then there were people who had too low bandwidth to use […]

Retrovision Update

Were I to have a sit down with God, I might ask him about zits, mosquitoes, and the flash player.   Some improvements in mediaelement player allow me to change the player so that finally flash doesn’t end up being the default player.   It looks nicer.  It now works with Android and IOS correctly, […]

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Review: Continuum (2010-)

I don’t think I’ve ever written a post that I didn’t have a full length video to go with, but I’m gonna give a grumpy old guy shout out for the Canadian series Continuum. It’s a hoot. I was looking for a new show to like and I didn’t find it for two years. Then […]