Charlie Chan at The Wax Museum

Chan’s testimony results in a death sentence for convicted murderer Steve McBirney (Marc Lawrence). However, he escapes and heads to a wax museum, a secret Mob hideout run by Dr. Cream (C. Henry Gordon). Cream, a crooked “facial surgeon”, operates on McBirney, changing his appearance.

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  1. LJ Bissonnette July 1, 2014 @ 6:02 pm

    Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum was filmed in 1940. As with all the films I choose to watch through retro-tv (Retrovision…), I loved it. Thank you Kevin.

  2. Enjoyed the wax museum very much

  3. I enjoy all of the above, it is a change of pace. I grew up with my mom, and my grand mother looking at crime, horror, murder and western.

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