Charlie Chan in Dangerous Money (1945)

While on his way to Australia on an unrelated case, Charlie Chan investigates two murders involving “hot money” that occur aboard ship.

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  1. I have not be able to watch movies here or on retrovision for over 3 week because the movie plays then goes to about l/2 way turns black and voice only and trying to get the movie you lose the whole thing

    • I don’t know. I just wrote a post to see is someone else was having any problems. Three weeks ago, nothing had changed. A few days ago, I changed a lot of things. It should be working better than it ever did.

      Since you didn’t work before or after these changes, I’d suspect that your problem is in your machine or internet service. Run a virus scan. Check your bandwidth with one of the bandwidth checking services. Reboot your router, modem and computer.

      I’d need more specific information too. Browser? OS? If you do “lose” a movie, you should be able to refresh the page and seek to where you left off. But it really shouldn’t drop. Unless I am missing something, this should have 3 times the bandwidth you should need.

  2. I was asked to join I did and I still can’t get acess.

  3. I did not have any problem at all when I left 1.5 mpbs to a higher speed. I enjoy these old Charlie Chan movies immensly. These older movies are hard to catch on regular TV. I enjoy being able to watch them at my leisure without having to buy and store a bunch of movies

  4. It should still work at 1.5 mpbs if you aren’t doing anything else. Nominally, none of these recordings are more than 1.2 and most of them are less than 768k. Most of the garden variety broadband connections these days do better than 6 megabits which is way more than it needed. Both of the video servers are smack on top of fiber backbones. Sprint in the US and Deutsche Telecom in Berlin Germany. I don’t know of any better connections at any price.

  5. Well restored film, however, volume is extremely low making it hard to follow what is being said.

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