Chromecast a Review and How it works with Retrovision

Chromecast Dongle

Kevin says Chromecast for $35 is really good bang for the buck

I have one of these Chromecast doo-hickeys.  You plug it into the back of the TV and it plays whatever is on your browser.  You can also use it with specific apps like Netflix on Android and IOS devices.  This has recently started working a lot better.  I think Google is getting some of the kinks in a new product  out.  You’ll need a fairly fast computer to play Retrovision movies.  A little less so for Netflix and Hulu Plus.  This thing won’t do Amazon video, which is a little annoying, but after having had a Chromecast for a couple months, I really like it.

Just click on the Chromecast icon, enter full screen and bingo, Retrovision is on your TV.

Just click on the Chromecast icon, enter full screen and bingo, Retrovision is on your TV.




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  1. One question I have for Apple users? I don’t have an Apple TV to test. Can you play Retrovision hosted streams on an Apple TV at the behest of an iPhone/Pad?

    • Hello Kevin,
      I “used” to run RV on my Apple Mac without any problem whatsoever. Just recently it stopped working. All it does is buffer. The movie never begins. I have no other issues with anything else. All is well on my tech end of it. I do believe I have an older RV webpage. It’s basically black with a dashboard dials picture at the top. When I re-enter RV on my browser, it’s a different RV webpage and it says in top right hand corner “The page is Under Construction.” Do you have any idea what the problem may be that’s causing this constant buffering? I’ve been a RV fan for a long time. I just love your site! You have so many choices. I can’t thank you enough for it, and for any light you can shed on this particular problem I’m having. Sincerely,
      Kate P.S. You’re welcome to reply directly to my E address.

      • Kate and I didn’t figure out what was going on with Safari, but Chrome works the same on any machine and it worked.

  2. Am I able to watch on Roku ? Thanks, I have 3 and 2 models.

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