Cold Wind In August, A (1961)

It’s 1961 and Iris is a bad girl. Stereotypically 1961 bad. Vito could have been hanging out with the nice girl, but nooo… He picks the bad Iris (Lola Albright) who is still really foxy even with a few miles. Vito finds out she’s a stripper and she’s really not in love with him and Vito is stupid. It all gets pretty dramatic. I guess that’s the point of a pot boiler dime novel which isn’t quite a film noir although it feels like it has some of that influence. This is a really worthwhile film with great character development. It sort of reminds me of Quicksand¬†and is at least as good.


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  1. Michael Pirrung July 24, 2014 @ 10:52 am

    I liked this movie a lot :o)

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