Colgate Comedy Hour (1950)

Here’s an hour of the Comedy of Abbott and Costello from the Colgate Comedy Hour in 1950. It’s excepts of a few shows put together for an hour of comedy.

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  1. THANK YOU for posting this. The “Who’s on First” routine is STILL funny as hell. Is this the premier of that skit?

  2. How great to be able to see “The Boys” perform some of their classic routines. To my friend in the comment above the skit came from burlesque and was a standard routine of many comedy teams of the time, but no one got more mileage out of it like Abbott and Costello, in fact it is said that they performed it at least 15,000 times in their career. So good to see that routine and the other burlesque classic TWO TENS FOR A FIVE. Great television, thank you.

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