Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961) – Roger Corman

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Creature from the Haunted Sea is a 1961 cult film directed by Roger Corman from a screenplay by Charles B. Griffith. It is a comedy film spoofing the “sea monsters” genre. It can be considered a part of two different “trilogies”, either as the third in a Corman-Griffith comedy trilogy consisting of this film and the dark comedies, A Bucket of Blood and The Little Shop of Horrors, or a part of Corman’s “Puerto Rico trilogy,” also consisting of Last Woman on Earth and Battle of Blood Island. Fred Katz’s musical score for this film was originally written for A Bucket of Blood and was also used in The Little Shop of Horrors as well.


  • Little Shop of Horrors (1960)
  • Bucket of Blood, A (1959)
  • Last Woman On Earth (1960)
  • Bees in Paradise (1944)
  • Strange Woman, The (1946)
  • Atomic Brain, The (1964)
  • Devils Hand, The (1962)
  • Project Kill (1976)

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