Here’s crime movies. Make sure you check the subcategory Film Noir if you want one of those. You’ll find a bunch of Charlie Chan, Dick Tracy and Sherlock Holmes movies in this list.

Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan
Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan

A Bunch of Dragnet (1955)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1960)

Amazing Mr. X,The (1948)

Another Life (2001)

Barney Miller (1975-82)

Beast from the Haunted Cave (1959)

Big Bluff, The (1955)

Big Combo, The (1955)

Black Dragons (1942)

Black Raven, The (1943)

Blacklist, The (2014)

Bloody Brood, The (1959)

Capture, The (1950)

Charade (1963)

Charlie Chan and the Black Camel (1931)

Charlie Chan at The Wax Museum

Charlie Chan in Dangerous Money (1945)

Charlie Chan in Dark Alibi (1946)

Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935)

Charlie Chan in The Chinese Ring (1947)

Charlie Chan in the Golden Eye (1948)

Charlie Chan in The Scarlet Clue (1945)

Charlie Chan In the Trap (1945)

Charlie Chan’s Secret (1936)

Chase, The (1946)

Chasing Trouble (1940)

Cold Sweat (1970)

Curtain at 8 (1933)

D.O.A. (1950)

Death Kiss, The (1932)

Decoy (1957)

Detour (1945)

Devil’s Cargo, The (1948)

Dick Tracy Detective (1945)

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947)

Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946)

Dick Tracy’s Dilemma (1947)

Doomed to Die (1940)

Escape By Night (1937)

Eyes In the Night (1942)

Fatal Hour, The (1940)

File on Thelma Jordan, The (1950)

Flight to Nowhere (1946)

For You I Die (1947)

Freshman, The (1990)

Gangster Story (1959)

Get Christie Love (1972)

Go Get Em Haines (1936)

Gorilla, The (1939)

Great Flamarion (1945)

Great Guy, The (1936)

Great St. Louis Bank Robbery, The (1959)

Heartbeat (1946)

Hell’s Highway (1932)

Hitch-Hiker,The (1953)

Hollywood Sign, The (2002)

Hollywood Stadium Mystery (1938)

Honey Pot, The (1967)

Hoodlum, The (1951)

Hound of the Baskervilles (2000)

I Love Trouble (1948)

I Spy (1965-68)

Impact (1949)

Jekyll and Hyde (1990)

Jigsaw (1949)

Judge Priest (1934)

Kansas City Confidential (1952)

Lady Confesses, The (1945)

Lady In the Death House (1944)

Laser Mission (1989)

Life at Stake, A (1954)

Limping Man, The (1953)

Love from a Stranger (1937)

Man Who Cheated Himself, The (1950)

Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)

Marie Galante (1934)

Missing Corpse, The (1945)

Mr. Arkadin (1955)

Mr. Wong in Chinatown (1939)

Mr. Wong, Detective (1938)

Murder at the Baskervilles (1941)

Murder by Television (1935)

Murder in the Red Barn(1935)

Non-Stop New York (1937)

Parole Inc. (1950)

Phantom of 42nd St, The (1945)

Please Murder Me (1956)

Police Rookie (1940)

Postal Inspector (1936)

Power, Passion and Murder (1987)

Prison Break (1938)

Red House, The (1947)

Reform School Girl (1957)

Sadist, The (1963)

Scorpion (2014)

Second Woman, The (1950)

Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror (1938)

Shadow of the Eagle (1932)

Shadows Over Shanghai (1938)

Sherlock Holmes – Dressed to Kill (1946)

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1943)

Shriek In The Night, A (1933)

Speckled Band, The (1931)

St. Benny the Dip (1951)

Strange Illusion (1947)

Stranger, The (1946)

Sun Sets at Dawn (1950)

Terror by Night (1946)

The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)

The Terror (1938)

The Undead – Roger Corman (1957)

They Made Me a Criminal (1939)

Ticket of Leave Man, The (1937)

Timetable (1956)

Timetable (1956)

Too Late for Tears (1949)

Walk the Dark Street (1956)

Whispering City, The (1947)

Witness to Murder (1954)

Wives Under Suspicion (1938)

Woman In Green, The (1945)

X Marks the Spot (1942)

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