D.A.N.L. (2014)

I have no idea who made this movie. It has no credits at all and a web search yielded no details. I thought it was a nice piece of Indy fun. If you know anything about this film, I’m curious. Maybe it was made for a film school or something? I am forgiving of films that don’t cost 100 million dollars and I’ve got to appreciate a good yarn.

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  1. That really was worth the time. It’s a good story and it’s got some suspense. I’ve seen some movies I paid to watch that I liked less. Funny we don’t know who made it.

  2. Thank you i enjoyed this “hidden” movie alot. Well worth watching.

  3. The film is surprising in its simplicity, I enjoyed it. Who made it?

    • We don’t know but I wish I was creative enough to make an entertaining movie for a few hundred bucks with cameras you returned to Best Buy.

  4. I liked this movie a lot! for me it is number one! Would love to see more like this!

  5. If you liked that, try this one.


  6. I’m thinking that whoever made this flick is an e il genius, and they’re going to let the interest uild until some kind of recognition is offered.

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