D.A.N.L. (2014)

I have no idea who made this movie. It has no credits at all and a web search yielded no details. I thought it was a nice piece of Indy fun. If you know anything about this film, I’m curious. Maybe it was made for a film school or something? I am forgiving of films that don’t cost 100 million dollars and I’ve got to appreciate a good yarn.

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  1. That really was worth the time. It’s a good story and it’s got some suspense. I’ve seen some movies I paid to watch that I liked less. Funny we don’t know who made it.

  2. Thank you i enjoyed this “hidden” movie alot. Well worth watching.

  3. The film is surprising in its simplicity, I enjoyed it. Who made it?

    • We don’t know but I wish I was creative enough to make an entertaining movie for a few hundred bucks with cameras you returned to Best Buy.

  4. I liked this movie a lot! for me it is number one! Would love to see more like this!

  5. If you liked that, try this one.


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