Damo (2003)

This show is what started kind of a wave in South Korean television penetrating American markets. I can’t recommend this show enough. Set in Joseon Dynasty Korea, it tells the story of a young 18th century slave woman relegated to the low-status job of a tea lady who ends up acting more as a Kung Fu police woman with none of the status.

This is a fairy tale, mixed with Kung Fu, romance, serious subjects and a little slapstick comedy that usually looks like a training session at the Bejing Circus school. It’s not oversexed, overly violent, or gory. It’s just a great show. Trust me. You guys should really get a kick out of this.

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  1. OK GUYS, listen up … I am a martial arts person and I’ve also spent sixteen years learning how to use the sword, spear and axe. Along the way, I picked up a little dagger fighting and some archery.
    I’ve seen movies that had bad acting and bad fight scenes, we all have. However, the DAMO series has excellent acting and the fight scenes are some of the very best you’ll find anywhere. The added plusses here are that there is usually some mystery for DAMO to solve and, the scenery is awesome !!
    A genuine winner ! Thanks Kevin ! — JT —

  2. I don’t even like martial arts movies, but I’m completely hooked on Damo.

  3. Kevin, I prefer to live in peace with my neighbors … it’s when they decide to become decidedly unpeacefull that life truely becomes interesting. — JT —

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