Dark Star (1974)

This is John Carpenters student film, cult classic, sci-fi, thriller comedy from 1974. Oh no! We’re being invaded by beach balls.

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3 thoughts on “Dark Star (1974)”

  1. I saw this “movie” with my best friends while we were in high school. It was as I remember it. This movie is exceedingly weird to the point of being surreal. It is like a moving Salvaldor Dali painting. Not to guve away the ending but a person needs to watch it all the way through to get to the philosophical discussion between doolittle and bomb #20. As you watch it you’ll notice that the ships slow slide into self- destruction is mirrored in the crews descent into apathy and probable madness. Kudos to john carpenter. This film is like no other sci-fi film/flick i have ever seen. I do believe it is as ground breaking but not as commercially successful as his later film “Halloween” which ushered in the not yet dead slasher film genre. Well that’s my $0.02.

    1. What struck me about this movie is that it’s really science fiction. A lot of science fiction films are really action films masquerading as science fiction. They can even be romances. Sometimes when I’ve watched Star Trek the Next Generation, I’ve thought science fiction was the Love Boat. But this movie is the real deal. Really a science fiction movie, even if it was a college film. You can see why this movie has a cult following.

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