Dead Men Tell (1941)

Charlie Chan is engaged by an heir to solve a mystery on a boat. Mrs. Nodbury seeks a pirate treasure on Cocos Island, and the ship she uses is an old sailing ship used in the recent past as a museum of pirate lore by one of her relatives. For safety, she has split her map into four pieces, which she gave to some of the passengers whom she has invited to go along with her, but tells no one who they are. When she is scared to death Chan must clear up the mystery while the ship is still at the dock. wiki

3 thoughts on “Dead Men Tell (1941)”

    1. I too loved this film. In fact, I love all the Charlie Chan films except the last 3-4 in the series.
      They’re good old fashion ‘who whodunit’s’ with some great character actors with wonderful
      mystery stories. This copy is better than the original I own. Give me a Charlie Chan film any day!!

  1. Somebody asked about M on a post I deleted because it was expired. I don’t do foreign language films or silents in general. Youtube has some copies of it.

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