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Public domain films generally means:

1. Films that were published without a valid copyright notice when it was required by law and without corrective registration.
2. Foreign films that are public domain in their country of origin and not eligible for GATT restoration.
3. Films that were not renewed in the 28th year when it was required by law.

Retrovision realizes that mistakes in registration can be made and that intellectual property rights owners my want to exert other rights which may not be evident in our investigation.

You should not take the presence of public domain materials here as an authoritative evaluation of public domain status. Any re-use of these materials is at your own risk. You should do your own independent evaluation of public domain status.

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  1. Hi, I’ve been an avid user of the “Old Time Radio” channel. My link no longer works for me (404 Not Found, but a retrovision site). Also I can’t find a link to it anywhere on your site – at least that I can find. I’ve also gone through the posts you regularly send (to my other email) and could not find any mention of it being dropped, relocated, or you’re working on it. Please let me know what is going on as I REALLY liked that channel… I learned of programs I’ve never heard of before. I even recognized the voice of “Frank Cannon” playiny a lot of parts… (his real name escapes me at the moment… Robert Conrad?) Keep up the great work, and I hope the Radio show comes back soon.
    PS: Even re-runs are good.

    Brian Mooney

  2. I am a computer tech, I repair computers and build computers for people
    and one of the things I do is bookmark your site along with other similar sites for people

    you have been missing the URL icon for several years now and it leaves a blank spot on the bookmarks bar is there any way you can revise this?

    also you change the format of this page way too much several years ago it was amazing and worked well … every time I go to show people your site and how to navigate it the page has changed almost every few weeks so I end up having to figure out what you have changed every single time I show it off

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