Don’t foul your computer up

I was contacted yesterday by a company that would pay me well to mess up your computer with malware. As tempting as money is, because I’m broke. I have to shave that guy I look at every morning. So, I’m just giving you a heads up on video sites. If any video site asks you to install a special player. DON’T! If you have, run a virus scanner and never do it again. Also, if you get something that tells you your flash player needs updating, do not do it through web links. Go to Adobe. I don’t use flash, so you don’t need it here at all. (EDIT – Hulu and Crackle use it) Pay attention. A lot of people are playing dirty pool.

Just a public service message from your friendly webmaster.


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  1. Bless you, my son!!

  2. Integrity is good, and much appreciated Kevin. It’s too bad so many are tempted by the dark side…

  3. Thank You for the important advise & your high standard of ethics. Bare minimum is that I don’t mess your computer up.

  4. Thank you, Kevin.

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