Duck and Cover (1954)

I remember films like this. Of course, being a little younger than this film, the scare was more hydrogen bombs. My grade school years were in the shadow of the Cuban missile crisis. By that time, thermonuclear weapons made the idea of Duck and Cover kind of silly. Still, I remember this film. The school must have gotten a deal on the print. I remember joking with the other kids that it wasn’t Duck and Cover anymore. The joke was “Put your head between your knees and kiss your a** goodbye”.

It became really evident by 1965 or so, that a nuclear war wasn’t survivable. Now, about 45% of the nuclear energy the United States uses comes from decommissioned nuclear weapons we buy from countries that used to be part of the former Soviet Union. They still have 2800 nukes pointed at us. We still have 2200 nukes pointed at them.

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  1. I was seven during the Cuban Missile Crisis and I remember seeing Kennedy on TV. At the time I lived in a small town in the south east corner of Kansas, my mom had a cousin that happen to come by for a visit and took us for a ride in his new car. We drove in the country and came upon a missile site that had the minute man missiles pointed south.
    I remember the duck and cover drills in the basement hallway at school. Being seven at the time I don’t remember ever being scared, it wouldn’t done any good anyway.

  2. I turned 51 yesterday. I was a baby when Kennedy got shot. I grew up on a primary target, but it was hydrogen bombs in my childhood, so Duck and Cover became obsolete. In my day, we used to say “Put your head between your knees and kiss your ass good bye”.

    There are a lot of hydrogen bombs still pointed at us. Less than it used to be. Flip a light switch and a bunch of the power you used is from the hydrogen bombs that used to be in the Ukraine, decommissioned Soviet submarines and the like.

    Watch this show. You guys did real good and you leave us with a legacy to do better.


  3. I was in the third grade when Kennedy was shot. Returning to class from a recess, our teacher said “our president has been killed”. I had a terrible crush on our class president. I recall searching the room frantically for her, and could only receive the real information when I knew she was safe. Even as an 8 year old kid with a bb gun, I knew the video was amiss….physics, ya’ know…….but that is another story…..what was her name???? happy soon to be birthday Kevin…..thanks again for an awesome sight…SFB

  4. being older, Born 1950, I remember duck and cover drills and watching these movies at school .
    We would dive under our school desks. LOL that would do. I remember the Sputnik launch and all the hysteria and praying that we were not going to die.I remember Churches having anti communist seminars.

    I remember the shopping centers had home bomb shelter salesman with demos. two basic types, concrete bunkers and metal ones like a buried submarine. I remember going inside them.
    Living in Miami during the crisis , saw the rapid deployment of air defense missile batteries in south fla. a few years latter I Enlisted in the Army and served 4 years manning them. Which was a better deal than going to NAM like my classmates.
    Now Russia has gone from Enemy to Friend to lose cannon? and we worry about suicide terrorists from the 3rd world. Is it a better world? Nope just different!

  5. DEREK SUDDRETH July 29, 2018 @ 4:47 am

    My Dad was drafted into the US Army in the Fifties and served in Germany as part of the occupying Allied Forces. Mom and I soon joined him there in Kaiserslauten. We were was not only a threatened from nukes, but more realistically, from invading Soviet troops and tanks. We were evacuated to the States during the Cuban Missle Crisis. That being said, Premier Kruschev boasted that the US would fall without a shot being fired. Now we are a divided nation. It may take a crisis to bring us back together, IF WE SURVIVE>

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