Exploration of the Planets (1970)

The Solar System, or solar system, consists of the Sun and the other celestial objects gravitationally bound to it: the eight planets, their 166 known moons,three dwarf planets (Ceres, Pluto, and Eris and their four known moons), and billions of small bodies. This last category includes asteroids, Kuiper belt objects, comets, meteoroids, and interplanetary dust.

In broad terms, the charted regions of the Solar System consist of the Sun, four terrestrial inner planets, an asteroid belt composed of small rocky bodies, four gas giant outer planets, and a second belt, the Kuiper belt, composed of icy objects. Beyond the Kuiper belt is the scattered disc, the heliopause, and ultimately the hypothetical Oort cloud.

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  1. Thanks! Brought me back to 7th grade science class, just about the time the Viking landers were on their way to Mars.

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