Falling Hare (1943)

Falling Hare is a 1943 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Robert Clampett, starring Bugs Bunny. The title is another play on “hair”, as “falling hair” refers to impending baldness, while in this cartoon’s climax, the title turns out to be descriptive of Bugs’ situation. Recorded on September 27, 1943.

Within the cartoon are several contemporary pop culture references, including to Wendell Willkie, John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men and the folk songs “Yankee Doodle”, “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”, and the Russian folk song “Dark Eyes. In addition, the Gremlin’s behavior is possibly an homage to Bob Clampett’s version of Daffy Duck (for example, he is seen in one scene riding an invisible bicycle, one of Daffy’s old trademarks, among other acts). The Gremlin holds the distinction, along with Cecil Turtle, the unnamed mouse from Rhapsody Rabbit and the fly from Baton Bunny, of being one of the very few antagonists to actually outsmart and rattle Bugs. wiki

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  1. Wow what treat if I could get to watch this.I miss my kiddy show from my youth !

  2. I recently got Chromecast and found that it works very nicely with my android phone and iPad 2 using You Tube. I cannot, however, get it to work with Retrovision movies. Any suggestions?


    • You can only do it from a PC (Linux, Windows, OSX) running Chrome at this point. I dunno. Android… probably some time..more or less soon…… IOS? well Apples got some developer fees that I think are gonna be a problem.

      Google could make sending videos to one of these widgets easy. It just is kind of hung up in branding as it is mated to Chrome. The official SDK for this thing is only a couple weeks old. I always wanted to work on a Japanese transmission.

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