Fighting Owl Films

I like independent films. It’s a respite in the modern public addiction to high dollar entertainment. One of the best examples of independent film makers are the team of Thomas Smith, Erin Lilly, Soren Odom and Khristian Fulmer. They operate under the banner of Fighting Owl Films in Mobile Alabama. They’ve made a couple short films in the horror genre. It’s like watching unknown episodes of the Twilight Zone. PG13 give or take.

Here’s some links on Filmnet:

The Night Shift

What if you could live for eternity? What if you had to spend eternity working in a cemetery whose inhabitants can get a little frisky? Rue Morgan has such a curse. Every night, with his trusted pal Herb, a limbless skeleton, he guards the cemetery, making sure nothing gets in or out. This is one of those nights…

The Strange Experiment of Doctor Purefoy

Corey is failing Biology. Her only hope of graduating is taking an extra credit job as assistant to the mysterious Professor Purefoy. It’s an easy job, but when Corey begins to wonder what’s in all those boxes she’s picked up for her teacher, what started off innocently soon spirals into a nightmare of physical and psychological manipulation. Forget graduating. Just try to survive.

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