First Spaceship on Venus (1960)

In 1970, debris from the 1908 Tunguska “meteor” are found which turn out to be recordings from a spaceship crashed there. The ship’s origin is determined to be Venus, and an international team sets out with their spaceship “Kosmokrator” to visit the “Silent Planet”, which is shrouded in clouds, and doesn’t respond to contact attempts. While the “Kosmokrator” is in flight, the record is decoded and it turns out that the Venusians seemingly planned to invade Earth in 1908. Should the “Kosmokrator” still attempt to get in touch with the Aliens? And why are they silent now? IMDB

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  1. Hi, last night I watched this East German Sci-Fi. Funny even in 60’s standards. Why in a “sophisticated” spaceship to Venus the crew needs to use ropes, glass tubes and ordinary collage microscope but non of them took camera to the journey?
    Who do you thing is left to on Venus when they are rushing back to earth?
    – Today this will not pass.

  2. Yes Hans. We will all live together in perfect harmony in our idyllic socialist state.

  3. Ok, tell me why I should watch this. Ten minutes in and I couldn’t stand it anymore. Bad lighting, fading in and out from bright light to shadows. The acting? Hard to tell because the dubbing is so bad it detracts from everything. No matter how much “tech” they are trying to get in ( a little talking robot). Yuk.

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