For You I Die (1947)

A 1947 film-noir about an inmate with only a year on his sentence who is forced to participate in a prison break.

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  1. Great website! I’ve been watching the stuff on here for awhile now. Thanks so much 😀

    This is a good movie too.

    Thanks again Jono

  2. Thank you for! I finished the film noir[?],”For You I Die”(1947)! Excellent story line! I appreciated the individual characterizations! I have been watching movies & other video&”flicks” for about 50 years. More recent entertainment plots that actually has or gives a real world hope, parable if you will, are rare at best!”Hope” given in determined love can help give individuals the will to try, to change; and also extending the opportunity you have been given to someone even worse off than yourself and being patient with those who need it! It would be awesome to make a modern day follow up film noir in keeping with A L L the original concepts of this original! What do you think?

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