Four Star Playhouse – The Frightened Woman (1952)

A woman enters a book store to find out she has travelled 25 years into the past. Four Star Playhouse was a repertoire theater, often with Charles Boyer, Ida Lupino, Joan Fontaine and David Niven as stars.

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2 thoughts on “Four Star Playhouse – The Frightened Woman (1952)”

  1. Great drama by Merle Oberon. It was great to see Craig Sevens of Peter Gunn fame again, as well as Hugh Beaumont. A great cast, good acting and a good dramatic story. The mind can be a very fragile organ.

  2. seriously GREAT acting, writing, directing. and they didn’t even need color film. what has happened to the entire world? the us going down the toilet, everything our soldiers bled and died for all sadly going the way of never again. this is just further proof that all the inventions and new-new-new has done NOTHING to improve our society or the world at large.

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