Gunsmoke (1955-75)

gunsmoke1-hiGunsmoke had a twenty year TV run with William Conrad as the sheriff of dodge city. The early episodes are perhaps more somber, serious and gritty than the ones that came after. It seems that there was a brief trend in television in the late 50’s and early 60’s to make some television with really serious topics. It almost seems out of place and Gunsmoke remains relevant 50 years later.

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  1. Gunsmoke James Arness star in TV version & William Conrad star in Radio version

  2. Yep. what Dare said.

  3. William Conrad played Matt Dylan on the radio. James Arness played him on television.

  4. None of your download links work. Is that because I live in Canada?

  5. And I don’t just mean no Gunsmoke links work, I mean NO download links work.

  6. Yep. Gunsmoke doesn’t work because you are in Canada and it’s on TV Land. Some things can be downloaded. Gunsmoke can’t be downloaded period.

    Mostly what can’t be seen in Canada also won’t play on tablets. That’s why I have marked these posts with a red star.

  7. Gunsmoke can’t be seen in Spain either……like many others. It’s too bad and frustating….

    • Yeah, I know. It’s not my decision. You could get VPN service stateside and it would avoid the region restrictions, but it’s not free.

  8. TV Land does not show the beginning episodes of Gunsmoke (1955) at least all the times I have watched it which was many.I think they are to wrapped up in the colored version of the series.I would love to see the first 5yrs again that I haven’t seen in decades.If I am in error please will someone tell me?If not,if anyone knows anyone with “pull” on that station,please tell them that I am sure many would love to watch the very first series. Thanks.

  9. I agree with you Nina. I, too, want to watch the first five years of Gunsmoke,with Dennis Weaver as Chester. I miss him saying “Mr. Dillon”. I watch Gunsmoke on METV,and they,too, show only the colored one with Festus. I wish I could see the older ones.

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