Happy Thanksgiving

Well, I’m stuffed and I hope you are. Happy Thanksgiving – Kevin

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  1. Thanks Kevin, for the (good old) and some (new viewing)on Retrovision! We live in a rural area of S.E. Washington State and have a wireless Internet connection that is delivering only 2 mbps, but Retrovision works pretty well and so does Netflix. (but not Hulu or Hulu Plus.) Surprising with such a weak signal. Our service is from PocketiNet out of Walla Walla, WA. They cover from Walla Walla to Oregon and west to Yakima, WA. and points in between. Glad to hear your Thanksgiving went well. So did ours! Thanks again, Larry and Allan near Benton City, WA.

  2. I’m in Oregon. The server is in Missouri. I am paying for good internet service, so I’m glad it makes the trip. Most of this stuff is encoded at half a megabit, which was on purpose. That’s a bad DSL connection. This seems to more or less work everywhere. Even New Zealand. I give my ISP high marks on bang for the buck. Here I have Frontier fiber optic and wow is it fast.

    • I’m in Melbourne, Australia and never had any problems viewing the films here (since I joined a few years back)
      Have not celebrated “Thanksgiving” since I moved to Melbourne… 30 years ago!! Most summers (your winter)are too hot to have the oven on…. thus, “shrimps on the barbie”!! for Christmas.

      • Ah winter in Oregon. It’s like living in a car wash. It has actually been unseasonably nice for a couple days, but back to the torrent on Monday.

        Australians should adopt the custom. What’s not to like? Food. Beer. A day off. Watch sports.

        You could skip Black Friday.

        For the last week or so, places outside US and Canada have been served from Germany. Glad Australia still works.

        • Australians find the meal…”too heavy”… no problem with beer and sports though…I’m not sure Australians have anything to be thankful for…Christmas equals ‘madness’ down here… strange with no snow.

          • Turkey contains L-tryptophane which makes you sleepy so you don’t kill your relatives. This is well considered 😉

            I loved Phoenix and a T-shirt for Christmas.

            So do you get fat for Christmas? I know we Americans are fat. I am not. I’m actually looking for my seasonal ten pounds to make me jolly.

          • Slim here…. The meal is called “Christmas Lunch”… some have traditional turkey others prefer a BBQ i.e. ‘Barbie’. You would fit in wearing a T shirt Christmas.I
            don’t get fat at Christmas but maybe a pound or two. Not really a turkey eater. More into ‘Nigella Lawson’s ham…cooked in a coke with an onion. Yum!!!

          • Is there a winter holiday? I guess I could see it not being real attractive to have a big meal in the middle of summer.

  3. Not really a winter holiday per say… The seasons are completely the opposite. April-June is Autumn, June-August is winter. (There is some snow in the ‘small mountains’ that are here Australians snow-board more than ski) Sept-Nov is Spring Summer begins Dec 1. LOL and yes, the toilets flush the opposite direction… LOL. (There’s a Simpson episode about it…) American born so, I still am slightly attached to the American Holidays. Sometimes Christmas Day is about 8-90 degree’s…sometimes it’s colder than a witches…Melbourne is known to have all 4 seasons in one days.

    • I was just curious because where the toilets don’t spin backwards, you usually get some kind of post harvest season something. That would be like your March and our September or like that.

    • Hey. You’ve been getting movies from the server in Berlin for a couple weeks. I think Germany might be a little geographically closer to Australia than St. Louis, Missouri. Better? Worse?

      • I can’t see any difference… I join the site a few years back and never had any trouble. The distance is about 515 miles with Germany being further. So, not too much difference. Have never had any problems viewing …all is well. No skipping no slow buffering… I click and the file plays.

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