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Why?  Because it does.

This site works best with Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Android or linux. It works best with Safari on IOS. It works best with Silk on a Kindle Fire. If you are having difficulty, try using Chrome before you panic.  Browsers should always be the latest version.


You need about a megabit give or take.   For some of the stuff you can download it with less.

Tips for Kindle Fire/Android

Kindle Fire users need to turn page “acceleration” off.   It seems to help to stop the Amazon video application too.

To download videos, Fast downloader from Frog Coders, and probably a few other apps that are better, will allow you to download movies to your tablet or phone.   If you know of a better Android app say something below.

Where a download link is available for a video, it will be below the embedded player.

Tips for IOS (Iphones and the like)

Where available,  you will see a “Podcast This” link below the video.  You can use the podcast app (click to install)  to retrieve the movie to your phone or tablet for offline viewing.

Tips for desktop computer users

Make sure you are free of viruses.  Make sure your modem and/or router are in a well ventilated area.  Heat and your internet equipment are bad and video just makes it hotter.  Use Google Chrome.  Firefox works almost as well.  Internet Explorer 8 and below are not supported.  Use a modern browser.


I used to have a Roku channel, but I quit.  You can however follow these instructions to stream downloaded movies from your computer using PlayOn.  You can download the available movies, stick them in a directory on your computer and play them with your Roku


Retrovision currently only works with a Chromecast being controlled from a desktop computer. Convince me that enough of you are using Chromecast and I might provide Android and IOS support. If you have downloaded films to play, you can do that with Chrome or use something like videocast. For my money, Chrome works well enough.


Readers Comments (21)

  1. As this is a great archive of retro sci-films and such, it is only fair to introduce you to “Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid”. The full cult retro sci-fi classic is now on Youtube for streaming capabilities.

  2. That’s really something LOL.

  3. when I use to use my laptop I could get the majority of your movies. Now that I’m on an iPad newest generation I can only get a few of you movies or newest links like the volcano. I tried Chrome but that didn’t work any better then Safari. I either get a download bar that just shows an attempt to download or I get a screen stating an error occurred and I should refresh. What am I doing wrong?

    • It might be the mediaelement player I’m using. Let me look into it. SWM seeking SWF. Must have truck and an iPad. Send picture of truck. 😉

      • Hi Kevin….
        I’m curious about the graphic “Please deactivate adblock” in the center of my screen. I can’t get rid of it. In fact I tried to use the help section but it blocks “send” so had to send my concerns this way? This is the first time something like this has appeared…any way of getting rid of this? It blocks watching movies.

  4. Alvin Williams May 14, 2015 @ 3:48 pm

    I love what you’re doing. I have watched some great movies because of! Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Kevin….
    I don’t have “adblocker installed and I’m using Firefox.
    I have read that Adblocker can only be installed as an Extension… but, I don’t have any such Extension. Any suggestions??

    • I suggest I do something different with the way I’m encouraging (beating 😉 ) people into turning their ad blocker off so I can pay the not insignificant server bill. You probably aren’t getting an ad because Google doesn’t have one to serve in Australia. I’ll figure out some way to do something more reasonable. Give me a day or two.

  6. wow.. much better and good to be back to a normal screen view.

  7. I recently “cut the cord” and wanted to know if Retro Classic Television can be streamed through Fire TV..? If so, what are the steps..?

  8. Thanks for all your great work, perhaps I can help you 🙂

    Please to be enjoying two great post-nuclear films

    Carol For Another Christmas with Joseph L. Mankiewicz & Rod Serling

    and a very fantastic Atomic war bride

  9. I am trying to find the name of a science fiction movie I remember from my childhood. I just remember one scene and it terrified me. I must have just come in the living room while my dad was watching, got scared and left.
    The scene was a drifting spacecraft that was sending out a repeating message. It was a small spacecraft with two astronauts or cosmonauts in spacesuits. The message was picked up by another ship and they were approaching the spacecraft. They got to the spacecraft and tried to rescue the two men. They took off the space helmet of one of the astronaut/cosmonauts and were horrified that they were rotting in their spacesuits.
    Any help much appreciated.

  10. Hi. It’s been a long while since I’ve been back to your page, so much has changed. It was very enjoyable years ago, and I’m trying to remember an obscure B Movie form either the 30s or 40s about a playwright and his assistant stranded in an old house. The residents put on a play to impress him, and he catches onto it. I don’t remember much more, but it was more a comedy and there was a dinner scene with a ghost, etc. If that and the title rings a bell, please email me back, or any suggestions where I might locate more lists. thanks.

  11. Curious if you’re (still) sending links to films etc… have not received any mail from you in months…thanks.

  12. Hi
    New to the site
    Can I download to USB and play in a DVD player for bed ridden father in hospital sorry to as boy great with technology

  13. MIRALLEES Antoine October 8, 2018 @ 8:21 am

    comment faire pour la traduction en français.

  14. Is there any way to create playlists? I’m old and lazy. Thanx. Great site.

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