Indestructible Man (1956)

A violent criminal called The Butcher is brought back to life by a scientist using electricity. The Butcher becomes an invulnerable mute, and seeks vengeance upon those who caused his execution. Insert the Frankenstein into the Maltese Falcon, dumb it down a bit, and you have “Indestructible Man”.

Keep an eye out for Max Showalter as the Lieutenant on the killer’s trail. He would later play MANY bit roles in Dragnet, a show that seems a direct descendant of this one–”normal” LAPD cops trying to deal with dangerous freaks.


  • Devil’s Cargo, The (1948)
  • Keystone Cops (1912-1917)
  • Phantom of 42nd St, The (1945)
  • Drivein Massacre (1976)
  • Amos n’ Andy: Anatomy of a Controversy
  • Sherlock Holmes – The Thistle Killer (1954)
  • McHales Navy (1966)
  • Dragnet – The Big Trunk (1955)

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