Jet Pilot (1957)

Another infamous flop from the creative team of producer Howard Hughes and actor John Wayne, who had also teamed on THE CONQUEROR (also available on Google Video). This film actually went into production in 1949, but wasnt finished and ready for an official release until 1957 (the year after the release of the Genghis Khan film). Directed by Josef Von Sternberg. Co-starring Janet Leigh. Great fun for bad movie buffs!


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  • 16 thoughts on “Jet Pilot (1957)”

    1. I must admit, this is one of my guilty pleasures. Janet Leigh is gorgeous as the Russian jet pilot, and it’s so ridiculous in its Cold War propaganda, you can’t take it seriously, yet for me, it still works.

    2. For years I wanted to see this movie – and I finally did back in the 70s. My Dad was one of the pilots – he flew Janet Leigh’s plane and told me so many stories about the filming, the stars, etc. It is wonderful to be able to watch the movie whenever I want to!

    3. It’s got John Wayne. More importantly it’s got Janet Leigh, who would turn me into a commie. But really… this movie could be better. Janet Leigh made a rather preposterous commie. Her commie accent is laughable. John Wayne was John Wayne in perhaps the worst possible way.

      Even when John Wayne makes a relative clinker of a film, it comes out pretty watchable. Let’s put it this way… I’ve enjoyed John Wayne films a lot more. On the other hand, I’ve seen a lot of films that were worse. I call this movie fair.

    4. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. I especially enjoyed Hans Conried (aka “Snidely Whiplash” from the Rocky and Bullwinkle shows).

    5. Hahaha. Definitely one of the screwier movies I’ve seen. An utterly implausible plotline…especially for a movie with the action title, “Jet Pilot.” But kind of enjoyable as a screwball comedy. Seems like it was written with Bob Hope in mind rather than The Duke. Lots of aerial footage of the Sabre Jet, though…and an extended 1947-style striptease by the young and delicious Janet Leigh…makes this well worth watching. And what’s with that jet-to-jet lovemaking with all its double entendre? How did it make it past the 1950′s censors? Hard to take the old eyeballs off of Janet Leigh and, fortunately, she’s in almost every scene.

    6. When I lived in Los Angeles in the early, I got select TV (an over the air pay movie service on channel 22). After they gave me the box, I turned it on and this was the first movie I saw. Beleive it or not I kept the subscription. Even after seeing the movie


    7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes this movie. Sometimes, a subject gets a label ie flop and folks just continue the criticism without a thought. For Jet Pilot, I don’t know how you could dislike it with John Wayne (and I’m not a big fan of his except for a few movies), Janet enjoyable you could cry and the great aircraft. Sure it’s a goofy movie at times with some goofy dialog and storyline but it’s also got a unique spirit of it’s own. Comedy, heroics, suspense, beauty and that’s just the jets. :) Then figure in a view of Glamorous Glennis’s last flight, Chuck Yeager, Paul Fix ect how could you go wrong. So it didn’t do well money-wise. Money isn’t always everything.

      As to the gentlemen with the father who had the stories of the flying. Man I would love to hear more! Thanks!

    8. I think we look at this movie today as a piece of pleasant Americana. At the time, and you can see their point, this movie was laughed at for being too hokey. It may be the ten years it took them to make this movie. 1949 was a lot different than 1957 as to how women were believably to get portrayed in the movies. By 1957, the pin-up girl turned Russian pilot, turned spy, turned girlfriend was a little dated.

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