Keystone Cops (1912-1917)

The Keystone cops were incompetent fictional policemen capable of extreme slapstick. Mac Sennett was responsible for changing comedy forever. By 1914, Sennet shifted the Keystone Kops from starring roles to background characters for comedians like Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle. This is where slapstick films started.

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  1. I love these old silent slap stick comedies!! More! More! I do have a question: is there any way you could identify the music, specifically to the segment “he brings him home.” I absolutely positively need that music! That is the happiest toe tapping music I ever heard!
    Thanks in advance because I know “You’re the man!”

  2. The unofficial theme song is Bag of Rags (W.R. McKanlass, 1913).

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