Killers from Space (1954)

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Killers from Space is a 1954 Science Fiction film where Peter Graves (Mission Impossible) fights some evil conquerors from the planet Venus. The venutians look just like we humans except they wear painted ping pong balls over their eyes. That makes them truly scary. Yep.  

4 thoughts on “Killers from Space (1954)”

    1. Without ads this web wouldn’t be here for you to complain about.

      Advertising is great. About 5000 of you guys get a free movie on a daily basis. I get minimum wage if I’m lucky.

      1. YAY, Kevin !! I truly appreciate all the effort you must put into this site…I enjoy it WAAAAAAAAAAAY more than HULU… :)

  1. Obviously a low, low budget movie. Grainy, the voice tracks are off at times…. but it’s a nice try. Really. The plot isn’t too bad, and I think the actors probably did the best they could…

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