Land of the Giants (1968-70)

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I binged watch of a few episodes of Land of the Giants and it occurred to me.  Is there a single episode where Don Matheson doesn’t get fried playing “short it out” Mark Wilson.

Give Mark a safety pin.  He’ll stick it in a light socket.  Don isn’t with us anymore, but he lived to be 84,  so the electricity didn’t seem to affect him.

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Are there any episodes where Don Matheson didn’t serve as a conductor to short something out?

Look at that quaff.  It reminds me of the good old days.  Not only were men tough, they were also flammable.   With all that Aqua Net and polyester is all it took was one spark and you could go up like a torch.

Steve and Mark facing toxic hair spray and plastic outgassing.
Noone had invented transparent tape


If none of that got you, someone might bump your Pinto.

It also occurs to me that sometimes Irwin Allen’s special effects weren’t always what they were cracked up to be.

I just wuv Little People

I used to love this show when I was 8.  Now it’s so bad it’s good.

13 thoughts on “Land of the Giants (1968-70)”

  1. My favorite show growing up. I think it would make a great movie based on all the other remakes thus far. I love this show. It was my comfort and i have just watched my 5th episode on my computer. I am like eating chocolate right now.

    1. You probably could get some good 3d eye candy out of a remake. This was a remake of the movie if you remember.

      I think I liked the series better than the movie.

  2. what in the world is going on? I have not be able to watch land of the giants normally for weeks now it takes twice as long with all the buffering that goes on. Please fix it.

    1. It seems fine here, you should try unplugging your router and/or modem from power for 15 seconds. Reboot your computer. Most of the time that will do it. Make sure your modem and router are well ventilated. They will get very hot when playing video and downloading.

  3. sHey guys. Help. I used to watch land of the giants and let them run through the full season one episode after another now it get interrupted by another show I didn’t request. What’s up with that, what can I do to fix it. I’d like to watch what I want to watch. Thanks in advance!

  4. I loved the series i have them all on dvd but did not know there was a film made can you still get the movie

  5. Correct me if i am wrong but wasn’t “The Time Tunnel” also an Irwin Allen production and ran about the same time frame as “The Land of The Giants” ???

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