Limping Man, The (1953)

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Lloyd Bridges plays an ex-GI, Frank Pryor, who arrives in London to visit a wartime girlfriend, whom he hasn’t seen in six years. His arrival at the airport coincides with a man being killed by a sniper, and he finds himself to be a suspect. Pryor is detained by Scotland Yard for questioning. Released, he goes to his girlfriend’s apartment, and learns that she had an intimate association with the slain man. Scotland Yard keeps a watch on the couple while Frank tries to unravel the mystery of the “limping man”.


  • Sherlock Holmes – The Thistle Killer (1954)
  • Sadist, The (1963)
  • Woman In Green, The (1945)
  • Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)
  • Hell’s Highway (1932)
  • Terror by Night (1946)
  • Mary Tyler Moore Show-Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid (1970)
  • A Hole in the Head (1959)

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