Lone Ranger – Enter the Lone Ranger (1949)

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This is the first episode of the Lone Ranger on TV. The Lone Ranger was a big hit on radio under the direction of George W. Trendel, but knew he didn’t have what it took to direct a TV series so he hired Jack Chertov. The series went on for years and probably was influential in making Westerns the most popular genre of a generation of Americans. In this episode we also find out that keemosawbee means “dirty shirt”.

One thought on “Lone Ranger – Enter the Lone Ranger (1949)”

  1. Great to see this. Takes me back many years. I had never seen the first of this series, but I remember watching every episode I could. I think the picture here was a lot better than I could see on a first T.V. in 1951.
    Love your site for all the great memories it brings back from my youth. Thank you.

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