Lost Missile, The (1958)

The appearance of an unknown “missile-like” object in nearby space leads a European nation (unnamed, but implied to be one of the countries behind the Iron Curtain) to fire a rocket at it. The strange missile from outer space circles the Earth at low altitudes, destroying everything in its path.


  • Nukes In Space – The Rainbow Bombs
  • Federal Men – The Case of the Iron Curtain (1955)
  • Teenagers From Outer Space (1959)
  • Earth From Space (2013)
  • Rocky Jones – Crash of the Moons (1954)
  • Evil Brain from Outer Space (1964)
  • Rocky Jones – Menace From Outer Space (1954)
  • George Burns and Gracie Allen – The Rocket Girls (1955)

  • One thought on “Lost Missile, The (1958)”

    1. We know that the meteor’s detonation was detected from above by satellite. We can hope — but not know for sure — that the Chelyabinsk meteor was immediately recognized by the world’s space-faring superpowers as an isolated natural event, rather than the start of a nuclear exchange.

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