Lost Treasures of Tibet, The (2009)

Before Leonardo da Vinci painted “The Last Supper,” Tibetan craftsmen were creating stunning artistry of their deities in the remote Himalayan kingdom of Mustang. In “Lost Treasures of Tibet,” NOVA goes behind the scenes with the first conservation team from the West, as it undertakes the painstaking restoration of these ancient masterpieces and the beautiful monasteries that house them.

Located in present-day Nepal, Mustang contains some of the last remaining relics of an almost vanished world of ancient Buddhist culture. Across the border in Tibet, Chinese occupiers have destroyed thousands of monasteries since taking control of the country in 1950. Therefore, the survival of Mustang’s monasteries or gompas is more important than ever. But preservation is extremely difficult because of the centuries of neglect, weather, and earthquakes that have brought many buildings to the brink of collapse. Inside, their exquisite murals are in a near-ruined state.

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  1. Thank you for posting these great movies. They are a great change from all of the reality programs that are, to me stupid and a wast of time to watch. I really like the old westerns. And the old tv that I watched in the 50s & 60s please keep up the good work and don’t let some jerks get you down

    • I’m still on the job. I will try to find you quality, decent programming that you could watch with your kids. Mostly work safe. Mostly kid safe. I will warn you if it’s not. I thought this show was neat. Like all good things to watch, it’s a trip to a place you can’t go.

      Really folks, if you poke around some, there are more uplifting, smart, decent programs than there ever were.

      Where do they get the human flotsam for reality shows? If you put me on one, I’d be saying:

      “I told em’ not to play with the crocodiles. Can I have my million now? I buried all of em. Are you sure they were dead? Well… some of them told me they weren’t but they were habitual liars… so… ” 😀

      If I had any brains, I’d run a porn site and retire. Loving Jesus is really inconvenient some days. But heck I have to think that guy I shave every morning is worth the blade. I am also mindful of a Howard Stern quote:

      How many bad daddies does it take to get a young girl to blow a goat for $50?

      Howard Stern and I would probably never agree on anything, but he got that right.

      In the manner in which Jesus told us, I am saying the prayer of all Christians for all of you right now. I hope you will pray for me too.

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