lou Comedy

Lou Grant – Christmas (1977)

Two stories — one on a homeless family, and one on a politician — take unexpected turns. Season One, Episode 13 of the Lou Grant show, starring Ed Asner. This was a spinoff of the Mary Tyler Moore show.

santatrap Free Classic Movies

Santa Trap, The (2006)

s the Emerson family moves from New England to the southwest, they miss the Christmas they had back home. Judy, the young daughter, becomes determined to prove that Santa is real and sets a trap to capture him. Upon his successful capture, the police arrest this “stranger”.

Orson_welles_CBS Free Classic Movies

Old Time Radio – A Christmas Carol (1938)

The Mercury Theater was a creation of Orson Welles and a repertoire cast. You might remember from your knowledge of popular culture that he was one that scared everyone on Halloween with his rendition of War of the Worlds. Without causing farmers to shoot their water towers, later the same year, this was his Christmas offering.

Christmas_Child Free Classic Movies

Christmas Child (2003)

Christmas Child is a Christian film about a writer who finds something out about himself because of a lifesized Nativity Scene. This is really a charming story.