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Dick Van Dyke – The Night the Roof Fell In (1962)

Rob and Laura have their first big fight with each relating wild versions of what happened and whose fault it was.

Dick Van Dyke – Give me your Walls (1962)

Rob and Laura find an eccentric house painter and begin to be suspicious about him.

Dick Van Dyke – Never Name a Duck (1962)

Richey and Rob have an adventure with a couple of ducks and it becomes an important lesson for Richey.

Dick Van Dyke – The Bank Book (1962)

Rob finds Laura’s secret bankbook and thinks maybe she’s gonna buy him a big present for his birthday. When that doesn’t happen he gets suspicious of her motives.

Dick Van Dyke – Hustling the Hustler (1962)

Buddy’s black sheep pool shark brother shows up, but Buddy wants nothing to do with him. Rob finds out he’s playing pool with a shark too late.